Facility usage fee

【Exclusive use】

Facility section Usage section Unit Fee (unit: yen)
When you do not
charge fees,
etc, to visitors
When you charge fees,
etc, to visitors
Entire facility 1 day 880,000 1,760,000
a.m. 440,000 880,000
p.m. 440,000 880,000
Extended use
(hourly unit)
80,000 160,000
Competition facility 1hour 58,000 116,000
Competition facility
(The warming-up course)
1hour 10,000 20,000
Competition facility
(The finish pool)
Rent by sections 1hour 4,000 8,000
The meeting room 2 hours 2,000 4,000
Lobby, entrance hall, and other facilities
(except area and facilities required by rules)
1m2/day 50 50

【Private use】

Facility section Usage section Unit Fee (unit: yen)
Competition facility Exclusive hours for
canoe slalom course
1hour 2,000
others 1.5 hours 2,000
Competition facility
(Warm-up course /
Finish pool)
(Senior high school students or older)
1time 500
(Elementary school students or older)
Training gym 2 hours 420
Extended use hourly unit 210
Boat Storage 1month 6,000

Equipment rental fee

Items Unit Fee (unit: yen)
Signboard, banner,
vertical banner or display stand
1㎡ /day 3,200
Measuring equipment 1set /day 135,000
Tent 1set /day 3,000
1 set for a.m. 1,500
1 set for p.m. 1,500
Broadcasting unit 1set /day 6,400
1 set for a.m. 3,200
1 set for p.m. 3,200
Transceiver 1set /day 2,500
Loudspeaker 1piece1day 1,500
Electrical power supply for
carried-in electrical appliances
1kw4hours 200
Projector for the meeting room 1 set 2 hours 1,000

Opening hours

The centre is open during 9am-5pm, close on New Year’s holiday(12/29〜1/3).